Restoring our Culture & Heritage

Our story

AfrikaRudi is an Afrocentric organisation that preoccupies itself with the rehabilitation, restoration, preservation, and promotion of Afrikan cultural humanity and heritage.

AfrikaRudi was formed by a group of Afrikans who wanted an alternative to the situation they saw at the time.

The situation still exists even today. For instance, you can hear elders complaining that children of today are not behaving like in the old days, there is no social governance in families, and people have forgotten things such as indigenous food, medicines, and other indigenous ways of life.

In general, there is the degradation of Afrikan culture and heritage.

To bring awareness of Afrikan culture and heritage, AfrikaRudi in collaboration with Nkamis Production established a talent show that includes Afrikan dances, poetry, and music.

We are running a One Afrika, One language project that aims to teach Afrikans and Afrikan descendants, the Kiswahili language which is one of the most used languages in Afrika.