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Why learn Swahili? These are the reasons.

  • Swahili is one of the fastest-growing languages in the world, hence it is getting high status in Diplomacy, business, economy and politics. 
  • It has been proposed by the African Unity (AU) and other African economic integrations such as the East African Community to be the official language used in their meetings along with English and French.
  • It has no elements of tribalism and ethnicity hence can easily unify Africans.
  • AfricaRudi promotes Swahili as a lingua franca among Africans as a uniting tool to all Africans.


Kiswahili Teachers

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Suleiman Mustaffa
Suleiman Mustaffa

An accomplished language tutor and a tour guide in Zanzibar. He volunteers as a Swahili tutor, a non-governmental organisation that assists refugees and migrants.

Davis Munuo

Master of Art in Kiswahili Language (State University of Zanzibar). Has achieved to translate a Pocket dictionary of the Deutsch language to Swahili.

Emilian Mbassa Mafuru

Seasoned Swahili Course Contributor with Duolingo. Has experience as aSwahili Language and cross-culture Facilitator for US Peace Corps and Toyota Tanzania.

James Wahome
Carolyne Ulomy

Holds a Bachelor of Education in Adult and Community Education (University of Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania). Fluent in two International Languages (English and Swahili) and currently pursuing classes in the Arabic Language.

Habib Moyo

Master of Art in Kiswahili Language (State University of Zanzibar). Has excellent skills in supervising Swahili class coursework has achieved...