Foresee what lies ahead before it’s turned to reality

If one wants to build a house he first needs to find an architect who knows the appropriate standards and measures to be followed when constructing a building. Now the architect draws a plan using your own ideas by putting them on paper to create a complete and visible structure to be built. As you share your ideas the architect is at a better position to advice you if and whenever that idea seems not to be ideal. Eventually through co-operation the plan is completed.

As you try and reach for your goal you need to wear the shoes of an architect. The goal is yours, and you thought about it but what’s needed is to put all the pieces together in order to come up with something that’s picture perfect. That same picture is what guides you when you take things a step further to turn them to reality. Just as the plan is used to guide contractors, without a clearly drawn and approved plan they have no starting point and the possibility of building a substandard structure highly exists.

Likewise the probability of you failing to aim high and reach for that goal is likely to occur if you just act on every goal that comes into your mind without giving yourself time to think deeper and make your analysis. Not taking cognisance of challenges, opportunities and risks that may happen is what will see you going off track when you assumed you are in the right pathway to making your dream an actuality.

An architect does not work alone in drawing a plan but he works with the client who describes, explains and shares his ideas as they are being drawn on paper. Similarly since you are an architect of your goal, consult others, and seek their varied opinions so as to turn what was once in your mind to something real and perfect. I guarantee you that once the vision is picture perfect and crystal clear then you are unstoppable in your quest to reach for that goal. The first step matters the most and the foundation you lay is what results in accomplishment. Every step counts now take it wisely and exercise maximum caution.


It is only when you wear the shoes of an architect, which is when you become an unprecedented achiever

Leave your own trail

Ants are one of the most tiny creatures ever created  yet so unique in the way they do things. They collaborate in whatever task they embark on, working together step by step. The fascinating thing about ants is that whenever travelling they create their own pathway and all we see as humain beings is a long chain that stretches.

Furthermore on the human aspect, it never ceases to wonder the number of people on this earth whom all have special and distinct traits as well as features. Our hair may be black but each one’s hair has its own properties. We all have eyes but each one has its own colour. Lastly we have fingers but our finger prints are never the same despite having 7 billion people in the world. This shows that we were all uniquely created so as to be regarded as special. Something special is outstanding, not the same as any other thing. Likewise all humans are special because they each posess distict features not found in any other person. This is the true artistic nature of God.

However it is mind boggling when humans created in an artistic and supernatural way want to follow other people’s way of doing things.  Always copying what other people have done. Following their leads. Why not create your own route never used before?

The reason why the sun shines so bright for everyone to see is because its placed above us so that each time we look up we see it. Similarly you need to do the extraordinary in order to be visible and make a lasting difference. Being extraordinary means you go beyond what many can do. It means raising the bar and that involves creating your own pathway characterised by  exceptional deeds. Do that which the world has never seen before. Invent something that is a necessity if needs be and from your deeds a trail is left. Go beyond what is expected and rise to the challenge. If it was said to be done by certain people then take it as a challenge that you ought to conquer proving that you too can do it. No matter how many times it has been done before, doing it your way completely changes everything.  Never be like the rest in terms of your actions but remain magnificent. Remember there is no one like you similarly do things in a way that no one can do like you. Be seen like an ant yet with a long chain of good deeds attached to you that leave a trail. Keep rising to the challenge.