Afrikan Social Governance


Focus Areas

Social Cohesion

Cultural festivals where we eat Afrikan food, dress in Afrikan clothing, dance to Afrikan music, Afrikan dance from all the Afrikan countries.

Afrikan Granary

A solution-based portal system where individuals and organisations are encouraged to drop in ideas on how best Afrikan humanity and unity could be improved and enforced.

Moral Regeneration Movement

We will work with organisations and individuals that will encourage the development of Afrika, as a caring continent and society and reviving the system of Ubuntu.

Fireside Afrika

A forum/platform for knowledge transfer between the old and the young. We call it a “fireplace” that’s where the young and old converse.

Tour Afrika

We will organise and encourage tours from one country to another, and in that country the visitors will be taken to places where they will learn the ways of the host country. Every three months there in a tour from one country to the other.

Heritage Afrikan

We are working on programmes and projects to engage heritage stakeholders in public, private institutions, civil societies to build awareness and celebrate Afrikan heritage.

Patriotic Afrikan Youth

Our projects will encourage the youth of Afrika and the diaspora to participate in building the appreciation of African of arts, culture, languages and heritage.

"As citizens, we have to co-create good governance, we cannot outsource it and hope to be passively happy consumers. Like everything worth its while, good governance must be earned.”