About us

The broad vision of AfrikaRudi is a consolidation of progressive black thought, which provides a platform to significantly contribute towards the process of advancing the Afrikan cause and strengthening solidarity between Afrika and her people on the continent and the Diaspora. 

AfrikaRudi is a pan Afrikan organisation that preoccupies itself with the rehabilitation, restoration, preservation and promotion of the Afrikan cultural humanity and heritage. 

As a change agent, we are at the cutting edge of Afrocentric information research, creation and dissemination to counter the negative stereotype and the popularised narrative of a “dark and powerless” Afrika. 

While our lobbying function seeks to influence policy makers in an attempt to spread through the Afrikan moral values across developmental programmes, we are essentially an enabling vehicle for the change we advocate for. 

In essence, we are a space of reflection, mobilisation and action for culturally-conscious Afrikans who are in the hunt for solutions to the urgent questions of the day for the children of the continent, and those in the diaspora. 

Enter AfrikaRudi.

Helping through the development of all dynamic values in the Afrikan cultural heritage and rejection of any element which is an impediment to Afrikan progress.


The principal objectives of AfrikaRudi shall be one of encouraging afrikan values and humanity, cultural relations among Afrikans with a view of strengthening Afrikan unity. This, it is hoped, will in turn help to assert the dignity of the Afrikan people and their popular cultural foundations. The other objectives would also include: 

  • The encouragement, promotion and preservation of the Afrikan indigenous languages; 
  • Liberating the Afrikan people from socio-cultural conditions which impede their development in order to recreate and maintain the sense and will for progress, the sense and will for development; 
  • The combating and elimination of all forms of alienation and cultural suppression and oppression everywhere in Afrika; 
  • The promotion of popular African knowledge of science and technology in each country 
  • The development of all dynamic values in the Afrikan cultural heritage and rejection of any element which is an impediment to Afrikan progress; 
  • The encouragement of international cultural co-operation for a better understanding among Afrikan people within which Afrika will make its original and appropriate contribution to human culture; 


AfrikaRudi is entering into the lobby space as a stand-alone organisation very much cognisant of the role that other organisations, institutions, and boards are playing. In that respect, we are opening our arms and minds to strong collaborative initiatives in areas of common interest and with organisations of shared value systems. 

Our operational philosophy is guided by our values, uncompromising vision and our aspirations of self-sustenance. 


Our hope is that through this Afrikan and humanity conscious organisation, Afrikans can re-affirm their identity and remind each other that they’re worthy of celebration, because it is in Afrika were the most progressive values and humanity forces can still be found. 


‘‘In order to achieve real action, you must yourself be a living part of Afrika and her thought; you must be an element of that popular energy which is entirely called forth for the freeing, the progress and happiness of Afrika. There is no place outside that fight for the artist or for the intellectual who is not himself (or herself) concerned with and completely at one with the people in the great battle of Afrika and of the suffering humanity’’.

– Sékou Touré, first President of Guinea